Friday, August 7, 2009

"You Play Piano Like I Fly Planes!"

Thursday the 30th I headed out to Leeds, MA for a house concert at the son of my high school choir director's home. He is married now with two wonderful half-Danish children. I knew it was his house because of the sit-upon and push-along lawnmowers multiplying in the yard (he fixes them for all the neighbors and sometimes they turn up out of nowhere!). That night we had his wife's delicious baked goods and homemade blackberry jam in between short sets of music. One member of the audience offered me the quote of the night: "You play piano like I fly planes!" Turns out he's a pilot :) Around 12:30am I had a request for some Debussy, and duly played Dr. Gradus ad Parnassum on the antique red upright piano - unknown to me, my high school choir director was listening on the other end of the phone! In the morning, the young girls were up early and after a bout with exploding tea, we settled back to the piano to sing from a charming book of Danish children's songs! I left their house full of sunshine (and blackberry jam).

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