Friday, August 28, 2009

Lobster Quadrille

Who can say anything bad about Maine? I was lucky to have a few days there surrounding my gig at the North Star in Portland. I made a point of getting hopelessly lost near Kennebunkport, while trying to drive some friends to the beach. So lost in fact, that I became dangerously malnourished and down and out, and I just had to pull over and stop for a $14.95 Lobster Roll. It was worth every penny! The show with Mike McGinnis went really well - he's a magician on the clarinet. We hadn't really had time to rehearse, but as you know, Mike plays on the new album and has been playing with me since we met at Eastman. He's great at creating spontaneous arrangements and he knows when to use space and when to add something to the music. Very tasteful. And playing with someone who improvises so well gives the songs a fresh life. BTW the "Lobster Quadrille" is from Alice in Wonderland (a favorite story of my childhood in England). I've realized that the lyrics "will you, won't you?" in my song, "Falling Star," must have been inspired by this passage in the book - take a look!

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