Friday, August 28, 2009

Callback at Tupelo Hall

I had a great time playing on the open stage at Tupelo Hall in Londonderry, NH. And I must thank Susan Werner, who apparently picked out their piano, for changing my negative opinion of Baldwin Pianos - I loved theirs. It was a real treat to play on such a big stage, and I hope one day to have my own show there. At the open stage, you are only asked to play two songs, so it's very hard to choose. I went with, "Let the Waves Come in Threes" (the title track/sea shanty) and, "Shadow of a Doubt" (always a favorite). Both of these songs feature a lot of piano texture, and I was able to bust out a fun solo on Shadow. In fact, the feature act of the night had quoted The Pink Panther in one of his solos, so I made sure to do the same :) His name was Jacob Johnson - very good guitarist and hilarious performer. I decided to stay for the whole night (even though I played fairly early on) so that I could hear everyone else. Right before me, a pirate had performed! He was literally in full pirate garb! Things were winding down around midnight, and the room was still pretty packed. Suddenly I heard an announcement from the stage asking if Anna Dagmar would come up and play another song to close the night. My first callback (usually this is a term I associate with actors). I had only a moment to decide on a song, and of course thank them for the opportunity. Having already played my most piano-y stuff, I went with a ballad, "Amazed." I felt very connected to the audience, and it was easy to sing. After the show, the booker mentioned he'd like to talk to me about being an opener for a headline artist or being a feature act on a future open stage. Needless to say, I'll be following up on this great lead and will keep you posted!

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