Friday, August 7, 2009

Java might not be such a bad idea

Just as hard as it was to leave Pompanuck, it was even harder to face the four hour drive back to Chelmsford. I usually do vocal warm-ups in the car (not ideal, but practical) but this time I just tuned into NPR and lots of Saturday story-telling in between trying to keep myself awake with the wind from the wide-open windows. (Maybe that's why they call them wind-ohs!) And what better place to collect your brain cells than an afternoon catching up with business at Kinkos? Ugh. But by the time I got to the Java Room, I was gig-ready. I was actually excited because Daniel LeBlanc from an HBO shoot-off had come to video tape my show and interview me (will share footage in September) for a special on Chelmsford musicians. The turn-out was great and I love playing the piano there. Folks that couldn't make the All Saints' show came to this one, and some came to both (thank you!!!). The concert went well, but this was the first one where I actually felt exhausted (rather than energized) afterwards. I suppose I had been traveling for over a month, so it's understandable! Maybe I should actually consider drinking java?!

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