Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Farol e Forteleza

Okay, every word sounds so great in Portuguese! I tried to sing some signs I read to the tune of Caetano Veloso songs I already know. And apparently when I actually sang Girl from Ipanema, my pronunciation wasn't bad! To bad I only know roughly what the words mean... There were two main sites on Honey Island - the lighthouse and the fort. Both worth treking to!

Here are some more fun pics from our trip! I love caprihnas, but here I'm trying some other delicious tropical drink. You have to be a little careful about water and ice down there, because we are not use to the bacteria that naturally occurs in their sources. But our host at das Conches has so many travelers from around the world, she knows exactly what people can safely eat, and uses spring water when needed. More about our hosts coming up!

Ilha do Mel, the Island of Honey

John and I took an incredible trip to Ilha do Mel, a few hours from Curitiba, Brazil! In this pic you'll see us on the beach - one of two beaches on either side of the pasada where we stayed. Honey Island is a very eco-friendly vacation spot - there are no cars, and at least now (end of season) hardly any people! Luckily John's Spanish got us by, because almost no one speaks English, and my attempts at Portuguese were pretty amusing.