Monday, August 2, 2010

Um, a little jealous?

Imagine spending the fourth of July on a sailboat on Flathead Lake in Montana, and then waking up the next day to find rainbows in the sky? Yeah. It really happened to us:

Crossing paths with Natalia Zukerman

I got to Raleigh and who did I see listed in the newspaper? Natalia Zukerman! She's on stage here with Sam Baker and John Fullbright - two awesome songsters I met that night. I even got to play with them later in the evening and it was just such a treat! Wish you could have been there :) Maybe you were?

Salisubry is a mighty fine town

My NC travels took me east to Salisbury, to a lovely venue called The Blue Vine. Here I am here with my new cowgirl boots - trying to be a bit more southern... I'd go back there anyday!

Anna with Valorie Miller in Asheville

What a cool town! Reminds me of Missoula - very earthy, very green, and lots of interest in music. I played a show with my friend Valorie Miller (guitarist/singer-songwriter). Her songs have a lot of attitude! Here's our pic after the show at Bobo Gallery:

Eric better buy some clogs!

My brother is moving to Holland for 2 years to do a masters in Eco-Design. I'm so proud! But I'm also sad to see him go :( He's storing up his stuff though, so I know he'll be back! Good luck ERIC!!! We will miss you!!!

I'll update you later on his design projects - he's brilliant and wants to do the world good :)