Thursday, June 25, 2009

Photos from Warsaw Show

Hey there! Here are some pics from my gig in Warsaw, NY. Such a funny day.... It started off with a radio interview on WRUR in Rochester. If there's a way to get lost, I will always find it. I did make it to the station, but couldn't find the parking lot. Luckily a lady behind the building started explaining how to get around the intersection and do a U-ey and then she said, "Oh this is so hard to describe, I'll just hop in!" So she jumped into my car. I had my CD playing because I was warming up my voice. As we circled the building, she asked what it was and I said, "That's your free Anna Dagmar CD! Thanks for helping me out, I would have been late for the interview!"

I met the DJ, Scott Regan and set up my gear. He played on of my songs from the album on air and then asked me to play something live. So I jumped into "Amazed." But couldn't hear my own keyboard! I didn't want to stop and somehow vaguely I could hear the pitch from somewhere in the room. So, I kept going and started singing as if there were a piano sound. The photographer was searching desperately around the room, and located the headphones, which I hadn't noticed. He gingerly slipped them over my ears, and about halfway through the performance I could hear the keys! Scott was in silent hysterics! After the song was through, Scott informed the whole listening audience of the mayham that had just ensued! It was a real icebreaker. He said he was "Amazed," I had been able to keep going without giving it all away. After that, the questions seemed easy! I'll soon have a link on my homepage www.AnnaDagmar.com where you can click to hear the interview.

The afternoon continued with another interview on WCJW in the tiny, rural town of Warsaw. I was nearly two hours early (due to my paranoia about getting lost) so I drove over hill and dale until I found a Bistro in a Country Club. A guy at the bar knew my whole bio, thanks to the article about my concert that was in the paper that morning. It was a little creepy! The interview on WCJW was a blast, and I'll be getting a recording of that soon too.

After that, I still about 3 hours to kill in Warsaw. I went "downtown" to the traffic light (one of two in the town) and saw the lone horse hobble by... Scoped out some massage places, but they were all booked up. I guess people get stressed there too! "Ho hum...what to do, what to do..." Eyebrow wax came to mind! Made that last as long as I could. It's something I only have done about once a year!

Finally an idea - something I'd heard about people doing - I went for a drive. Up one hill, past the corn fields, down another hill, farmhouse after barn after hay bail, I pulled over into a clearing and took some pictures. Then I sat in my car with the door open to get some air and worked on writing some lyrics. Not long after that, I saw a man emerging in the distance through the corn field. He was carrying a tripod, so I thought, "oh a photographer, nice." As he got closer I wasn't sure it was a tripod. But thought maybe part of an easel or something. I didn't have my glasses on. I kept writing. Glanced back up, and suddenly I realized, it was a gun! A rifle over his shoulder! Reflex made me slam my door shut and put the key in the ignition. He shouted, "Hey, are you okay?" Then he realized I was scared stiff, and I guess he remember he was carrying a gun. He set it down deep in the corn field and walked forward about ten feet. He said, "I was just making sure you are okay, are you stuck?" I picked my bottom jaw back up, and said, "Yeah, I got scared when I realized you were carrying a rifle!" His excuse was that they were having a "woodchuck problem." We spoke briefly about the town, and then I decided it was time to drive back to semi-civilization, yes, back to the #2 traffic light.

You see, all of this before the concert even happened! Well, I guess I'll be a good little blogger. This is my first entry. The show went really well, brilliant sound guy (yay Rob!) and the theater was really cool - it used to be a vaudeville type theater, then it was a cinema, and it was bought a year and a half ago by a sweet couple who have turned it into a music venue. A funky band led by Gavin Petrie played after my set. I'm publishing some pictures from the show and my crazy day in Warsaw.