Tuesday, November 3, 2009

WVIA with George Graham

Once back in NYC, I took a mini-road trip to Pittston, PA for a recording at WVIA studios. From my newsletter, you may remember reading George Graham's review of my new album, "Let the Waves Come in Threes." He invited me to record for his show, Homegrown Music, where he asks for new arrangements, a few songs from the album, and as much new material as possible. This was a challenge for me, because I'm still riding the wave, so to speak, of my recent release! But I was able to complete two new songs for the program - "So I Chased the Setting Sun, " and "Keep on Moving." The latter is dedicated to my grandmother. I'll give you some advanced notice when the program airs in December - it will also be archived. George and I did a short interview, and I had a full hour to play on their beautiful Steinway B (grand piano).

Jalopy with Aiofe and Lissa

I had such a great time on a Triple Bill with my friends at Jalopy. If you haven't yet been there, you must go - it's a new venue, specializing in folk and bluegrass, right in Brooklyn. Almost has the feel of a vaudeville theater, and banjos deck the walls. The piano is an upright from the time of the civil war! But it's been kept in good condition, and aside from one missing key, I loved playing it! I even debuted a new song, "So We Chased the Setting Sun," which you'll hear on an upcoming live studio recording. We will soon have edited video taken by my friend Vinnie Mineo (Vinnie, the video guy!). I'll keep you posted when that goes up on YouTube. Special thanks go out to Lissa Schneckenberger and Aiofe O'Donovan (of Crooked Still) for inviting me to join them on this wonderful evening!

Tribute to my Grandmothers

I am setting this space aside for a special forthcoming dedication to my grandmothers, Loretta Johnson and Eloise Frary.

Burlington with Martha Colby

A few days later, I made my way north to Burlington, VT. It was so refreshing to see my lovely friend, Martha Colby, who joined me on cello at Radio Bean. Martha and I have been collaborating since about 2004, when we met at the Songwriter's Beat at Cornelia Street Cafe. She's an incredible songwriter and her cello chops are out-of-this world! In fact, I've never heard anyone else come up with such creative parts, and she can play any style of music. You should check out her stuff too. Will add photo...it must be on my other computer (thinking out-loud).
We had at very fun show in Burlington, and I was excited to reconnect with some of my friends who have moved up there from Bennington. I also got to know some of my parent's friends. I must say, the best part of touring is seeing old friends and making new ones. Truly, it makes it all possible and worthwhile. So, thanks for being out there...you keep me going!

Rosendale and the mystery of the missing August

So, vacation went on for at least a week in August, and then I was back to the road. Here's a pic of Rosendale Cafe. A very quaint town near Poughkeepsie. This worked out well because I also did a show on Vassar College Radio with a wonderful host named Sharon. Rosendale has a songwriter series on Tuesday nights, and I'd heard about the venue through Toshi Reagon. They have some great names coming through there, and the town is not far from Woodstock, a wonderful arts community. Hoping to come back through and also to visit my friends at Vassar College (shout out!).

WBCR Great Barrington

So, the tour went on, blahbittyblah and I played lots more shows and then I went back to visit Jeanne Bassis at Berkshire Community Radio (WBCR) in Great Barrington. Truth be told, I left a shirt there (not the only one on my back mind you) and wanted to pick it up. Suddenly I was whisked on the air because her act didn't show up for their interview! It was a circus! Seriously! I guess they ran off with another circus or something...? Funny thing was John had to go on the air too - she insisted! And he was great. Archives? No. But you can imagine my surprise. She decided to spin some tracks from my record too, including, "Smile for Free." Very fun, free-spirited, lady and I hope to come back and to another interview with her soon!

After Shelburne

After my show in Shelburne Falls (I thought about including YET ANOTHER photo of me at my Nord, but then decided you'd seen that before!), I spent a week at my boyfriend's cottage in western MA. Yes, we busy touring artists need (or can be convinced we need) a little time off! I know you're not supposed to feed ducks, so please don't tell anyone - I only did it once and those Nilla wafers just had to go. I can't believe I'm sharing my feet with you. But here goes!

I've been holding out on you!

Hey friends, sorry I've been neglecting my blog! I left off in August and suddenly it's November. I have so many fun photos to share with you, and a picture says a thousand words. So, here's catching up on summer past and bringing you into fall...enjoy!
My friend Nina and I went out to Peaks Island off the coast of Maine a couple of days after my Portland show. Beautiful weather for biking, until we got caught in a rainstorm! Nina is in a songwriter's collective with me back in NYC. She's also in a great band called Sweet Bitters that's going to NERFA this year. Yay! That's next week!