Tuesday, November 3, 2009

WBCR Great Barrington

So, the tour went on, blahbittyblah and I played lots more shows and then I went back to visit Jeanne Bassis at Berkshire Community Radio (WBCR) in Great Barrington. Truth be told, I left a shirt there (not the only one on my back mind you) and wanted to pick it up. Suddenly I was whisked on the air because her act didn't show up for their interview! It was a circus! Seriously! I guess they ran off with another circus or something...? Funny thing was John had to go on the air too - she insisted! And he was great. Archives? No. But you can imagine my surprise. She decided to spin some tracks from my record too, including, "Smile for Free." Very fun, free-spirited, lady and I hope to come back and to another interview with her soon!

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