Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vocal Takes and Bloopers

I've been a bad blogger these days, while immersed in studio land! But be sure to check out this fun video, "Vocal Take and Bloopers." It includes footage of me in my voice lesson with the lovely Tina Shafer and in the studio with masterful producer Ben Wittman. Lots of laughs!


Also, we are working on the final three songs for the record, and will be recording at Bennett Studios on April 15. I have to lay down some scratch vocals at Ben Wittman's place the day before (which is my birthday!!! but that's actually a really nice way for me to celebrate).

And for those of you reading the blog - you'll be the FIRST to find out about two special guests who will be joining me on the album - Lucy Kaplansky on harmony vocals and Natalia Zukerman on dobro! Shhhhhh it's a secret :)

More soon and I'll try to be a better little blogger soon...

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