Friday, September 10, 2010

Little Window - a new poem by Anna Dagmar

Little window
Round on top
Light tunnels in
My little loft

I watch the pathway
Growing, rising
Early sun, each time

Take me down a different hallway
Lead me to another door
Fit me through the tiny keyhole
Show me how the brightness pours

The floorboards creak
With little feet
But my eyes wander
So discreetly

Lift the latches
Listen in
People sleeping
Soft within

Looking forward, up ahead
A spiral staircase!
(Duck my head.)
Shall I go up?
Shall I go in?
The morning tickles hair on skin.

Dusty ledges
Aging wood
The years of doing others good
Give back time
In rhythms
Hesitant, but un-denying

Which door opens
When this one closes,
Twinkling midst
Such dark reposes?

Which knob chills
And which one burns?
One is locked
The other turns.

Travel down the crooked hallway
Lead me little light
(Still following)
Back behind the bookcase wallway
Down the upside staircase
Always through somehow
Yet hidden-in
Sacred message yearns within
An ancient passage, undiscovered
Gossimer, so lightly covered

Windows here and windows there
The curtains part like angels hair
New light pours in from the street
And meets the one brought by my feet

Time suspended - here at last
Connect my future to my past
Tears and trials and ever-hoping:

One door shuts
Another opens.

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