Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow-shoes = no Feb. Blues

Alright folks, it's time to break out those snow-shoes. You know the ones. The wooden ones your parents kept tucked in a cobwebbed corner of the garage. Or you can spend some bucks on a nice new pair. Or you can do what I did...puppy dog eyes - I got some for Christmas! And I'll be busting them out this weekend on the not-so-slopes of Western, MA! It's cold out there, but you'd be surprised how soon you'll start sweating trying to walk on frozen water caked with snow.
Trying to keep my spirits up in winter, and I won't even get into the juicer I've been using every morning - save for another blog.
On a musical note, I had a very fun performance at 92Y Tribeca recently with my friends Adam Levy and Emilie Cardinaux. What great songwriters! I had the thrill of sitting in on their tunes by ear, and also premiering some of my own new songs. Here's a pic from the show (video coming soon!):

photo by Vinnie Mineo

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